Card Crafters


Making a Card

Step 1

Round the corners with a corner clipper.

Step 2

Apply double sided tape to the reverse of the picture.

Step 3

Peel off half way along each piece of tape.

Step 4

Position the picture on the card backing then peel off the rest of the tape.

Step 5

Stick the items to be decoupaged onto card to reinforce them and cut out.

Step 6

Apply padded double sided tape to them.

Step 7

Line them up over the picture layer.

Step 8

Trim the insert to the correct size.

Step 9

Round the corner of the insert to match the card.

Step 10

Use double sided tape to stick the insert into the card.

Step 11

Round the corners of the card.

Step 12

Apply Glossy Accents to the fish, work a pool on the fish.

Step 13

While the gloss is wet apply some glitter for scales.

Step 14

The completed card.