Exciting Project


The Eccleston Old People’s Welfare Committee is looking for support for an exciting new development project.

If you are a local business or individual and would like to help support the people of Eccleston and surrounding districts then please contact the Committee - lesterdrivecentre@gmail.com

There is a lack of Hall space in the area. We have been forced to disappoint a number of people wanting to use a session at the centre.

The clip below shows a virtual tour of the centre with the planned new annex - to the left.

This is an artist’s impression - not an architect’s drawing. The plan shows how the building would look as a space, see the lower video for more ideas of the interior.

Clip removed because of GDPR.

What are the benefits?

The plans would include built in sound proofing so that music teachers could use the room to teach and loft lights to allow natural light into the room for artists to draw, paint sketch or even sculpt.

We have had a request for space to hold a couple of wood turning sessions with lathes for the gentlemen to learn the art of turning pens and small scale objects.

A local archive has asked if we could advertise, organise and host a group of retired people to transfer details of the history of a huge local glass company onto computer but this would require the new building and equipment.

The addition of computers and printers would also allow us to organise and set up a basic printing facility for our, and other local charities to have cheap access to small run fund raising materials.

Renewable energy built into the design would mean the Centre would be generating its own electricity by means of a ground source heat pump installed under the tarmac area of the car park and a solar pv system on the south facing slope of the main hall. PV Completed 2018.

The corner is unsightly and the annex and small scale landscaping would improve the amenity of the area for the local community.

A conference suite for use by - local charitable groups at a subsidised price, privately hired or for training or educational purposes by the Committee.

The Committee and the project have the full support and backing of the Parish Council.

If you are a local business who wants to support a local charity working for the people of Eccleston and St.Helens then please email the Committee lesterdrivecentre@gmail.com

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